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Who is FICE Africa?

FICE-Africa is a continental Chapter of FICE International.

Initiated in February 2014, it consists of organisations working in the field of child and youth care and services to vulnerable, orphaned and at-risk children and families in Africa.

The vision and objectives of FICE Africa is drawn from that of FICE International.

Vision of FICE Africa

The creation of networks across African countries to support the actions and those working with children in communities for prevention and early intervention services aimed at at-risk children, children with special needs, and children and young people in out-of-home care. All activities aim to respect the personality, interests and needs of the child or the young person.

FICE Africa Principles

  • The development, capacity building and professionalising of the child and youth care workforce in Africa.
  • Promote the active participation of children and youth.
  • The embracing of an African continental focus emanating from UN and African Charters and other relevant policy.  
  • The utilising of an adult learning approach to training and development of social service workers with a focus on the African context.
  • Reclaiming and promoting  African approaches to child and youth care practice
  • The rejection of all forms of discrimination.

Objectives of FICE Africa

  • To support endeavours focussed on the rights and development of orphaned and vulnerable children, youth and families, particularly children with special needs, those living in institutions and those who are at risk
  • To promote international exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of child and youth care work.
  • To organise on-going capacity building of child and youth care workers through training courses, meetings, seminars, international symposia and projects.
  • To participate in limited relief efforts in cases of war and catastrophes.

Activities to be undertaken by FICE Africa

  • The provision of a platform for knowledge sharing.
  • Gathering , reclaiming  and promoting African indigenous  knowledge in the practice of child and youth care work.
  • Holding exchange visits to explore and learn about different child and youth care programmes offered in member countries.
  • Fundraising for training and networking opportunities.

FICE Africa Structure

A FICE Africa Interim Board has been established and comprises of representatives from Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia and Zambia. Regional Boards could be established as more member countries join FICE-Africa.

The functions of the FICE-Africa Interim Board are to:
Approach and invite African countries to engage with the concept of FICE Africa Chapter.
Develop promotional materials.
Identify funding partners and develop fundraising strategy.
Clarify official channels of communication in all participating countries.

South Africa holds responsibility for the FICE-Africa Secretariat function.

FICE Africa Membership

African countries are currently invited to join as members if they join FICE Africa as a national organisation.  There is no provision for individual joining as members. FICE-Africa currently consists of members from the following countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia.

FICE International is responsible for approving member countries, and FICE Africa will only recommend member countries to the international body for consideration of conferring membership status.

Benefits of FICE Africa membership:

Contribution to creating a united voice and unique identity in the field of child and youth care work in Africa.
Providing access to African continental and global networking opportunities.
Promoting and accessing knowledge that is Africa focused.
Promoting the development and exchange of Africa focused child and youth care models.
Strengthening advocacy efforts for children in Africa.

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