Dear  Child and Youth Care Workers

Please receive a comprehensive circular on  CPD,  Fees payable to the Council and the issuing of Registration Certificates - to view please click here.

Thank you for paying in 2015 your registration fees as new registrants and annual fees for  2015/16. In view of the tedious process of validating the registration  of all categories of CYCWs against the Regulations published in October 2014, you are kindly requested to pay the 2016/17 annual fees upon receipt of an invoice, of whom some has already been issued.  Those who have not as yet registered, please remember in terms of section 15 of the  Social Service Professions (SSPs) Act, 110 of 1978, as amended it is illegal for you to practice as a child and youth care worker without being duly registered. Employers were encouraged to ensure that all  CYCWs in their employ is registered and to request proof of payment issued by the SACSSP as any person who practice without being registered  will be referred to the professional conduct division for practicing illegally.